Headshot Event, June 21

Have you been procrastinating on getting a new headshot done?

Come in during our headshot event and get it done!

You’ll receive a free retouched digital image as a bonus.  Two images for the price of one.
As always, we offer quick turn-around, so you can make use of your image the next day.

Book a time on June 21, between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. by calling 204-221-8413.

Cost is $249 plus taxes.  Hope to see you then!
(If you are an actor, dancer or musician, call for our special rates).









~Next event won’t be until September~

Good News

The Ontario Police have arrested the guy who impersonated our studio in order to lure girls on Facebook.  This is a small miracle, as most get away with this kind of stuff (and it happens a lot).

We have been a little shy to get our images back online, as well as exploring new ways of showing what we do.  Bear with us as we figure this out, and please give Rodney a call at 204-221-8413 if you’re looking for a boost in confidence, a way to celebrate where you’re at in life, or a special gift to give.

We’ll set up a consultation in our new “she-shed” and show you more of our work.

If you’re looking for an excellent headshot with quick turn-around, our drive-in garage studio is the place for you.  You won’t quite believe the possibilities that exist in our versatile studio.  Call Rodney at 204-221-8413 for appointment times and pricing.

About Rodney and Eve Studios

Very important Message

Unfortunately this week, we have been made aware of attempts by someone to use our work and reputation to try to lure girls to Winnipeg where we believe they will be targeted for human trafficking prior to the Grey Cup (Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-844-333-2211).

Our Studio specializes in beauty and art nude photography for women, and our clients are women who wish to capture beautiful images of themselves for themselves or as gifts for their significant others.

In response to the events of this week, we have removed all images of the style of work that we do, if you are interested in meeting with us to view our portfolio or to talk about a session please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Very important message: if you have been contacted by “Eve Studios” Via Facebook and invited to send nude photos to us or to come to Winnipeg to do photos and be put up in a hotel etc. DO NOT do it. It’s not us and it’s not safe.  Please phone or message us if someone does contact you with a request like this, we are currently in the process of passing all of the information on to Police and it would be helpful to have all the information possible.  Thanks.

Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-844-333-2211

Hello world!

Welcome to EveStudios, Winnipeg Manitoba’s beauty and art nude photography studio featuring award winning photography by Manitoba’s Photographer of the year Rodney S. Braun MPA. We can also be reached a 204-221-8413.