Good News

The Ontario Police have arrested the guy who impersonated our studio in order to lure girls on Facebook.  This is a small miracle, as most get away with this kind of stuff (and it happens a lot).

We have been a little shy to get our images back online, as well as exploring new ways of showing what we do.  Bear with us as we figure this out, and please give Rodney a call at 204-221-8413 if you’re looking for a boost in confidence, a way to celebrate where you’re at in life, or a special gift to give.

We’ll set up a consultation in our new “she-shed” and show you more of our work.

If you’re looking for an excellent headshot with quick turn-around, our drive-in garage studio is the place for you.  You won’t quite believe the possibilities that exist in our versatile studio.  Call Rodney at 204-221-8413 for appointment times and pricing.

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