Eve Studios is the work of Rodney S. Braun and wife Sonya J. Braun. Rodney and Sonya have been married for 20 years and have three wonderful kids together.

The purpose of Eve Studios is to celebrate Woman for who and what she is. What is she you ask? Well, in the biblical account of creation, Woman is the last thing that God created. Then he said, “It is GOOD, I’m finished.” – slightly paraphrased. If God were creating a meal, Woman would have been the dessert, an exquisite chocolate cheese cake if you will.

Our goal at Eve Studios is to celebrate Woman for what she is: beauty, grace, form, and mystery…and to do it in such a way as to build her self-esteem.

Rodney Braun has been a photographer in Winnipeg for 16 years and has been building the self-esteem of women through beauty and art nude photography since 2007.  With a Master of Photographic Arts designation, five solo art shows and two books to his credit, Rodney is establishing himself as an artist in Manitoba and beyond.

Well-recognized by his peers and well-loved by those he photographs, Rodney finds great satisfaction in working with people.  Rodney currently teaches at Red River College and sits on the Board of the Professional Photographers of Canada.  Twice, he has been named “Photographer of the Year” in Manitoba. Rodney loves running photo tours to awe-inspiring and sunny places, and teaching workshops on underwater photography.